If It Saves Even One Life, It’s Totally Worth It?


As deaths from the Xi Flu mount in the U.S., the media keeps announcing them as if it’s absolutely the end of the world. I have no idea what we’ll be up to by the time this article goes up, but I’d guess probably around 500 or a little under.

And sure, it’s easy to get panicked by that. Five hundred is a lot of dead people.

If you tell people on social media that yeah, it’s a big number, but not as much – not by far – as the number of annual flu deaths in the U.S., you’re going to get called a monster, asked what if this person were your spouse, your mother or your child, and told that all these measures, and destroying our economy, are completely worth it, if we ‘save even one life.’

But the problem is that you can’t save that one life. Not forever.


But, you’ll say, what if it were your grandmother? Isn’t it justified to put everyone under lockdown and extreme emergency measures and destroy the economy to save your grandmother?

My personal grandmother, if she were still alive, and they told me I’d need to kill all of you in batch lots to keep her alive – and get to have tea with her – one more day? Let’s just say I’d prefer not to be tempted.

However, that doesn’t make it a good idea.

Why not?

Because by sacrificing our wealth, we’re sacrificing our ability to care for other grandmothers in the future. Absent in the barrage the media is blasting at people is that part of the reason for the triage – known as letting people die – in Italy is the lack of money for the medical system. Now, part of this is because it’s government-run, part is because the Italian economy has been sinking for several years.

Which means that by destroying the economy we’re condemning a lot of grandmas to death. (And that’s without taking into account how poverty increases illness.) – READ MORE

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