“If I Die, I Die” – Students “Risk It All” For ‘Dream Trips’ As Colleges Close Across America


Millennial students think they’re invincible against Covid-19 as the virus mysteriously targets the elderly.

Brave young people are taking advantage of cheap flights across the country, traveling to places for deep discounts, a move they thought was never possible until the virus crisis canceled schools and crashed the airline industry.


Some young people are “risking it all” and are posting their low-cost travel experience in the virus crisis on social media:.

“I think the coronavirus is clearly something people need to be wary of, but I don’t plan on putting my life on hold because something is going around,” Mulligan said. He had planned a trip next month to the Dominican Republic, saving hundreds of dollars on flights.

Capri Nicole, 27, told NBC that plunging costs for flights allowed her to get a roundtrip ticket to see her grandmother. “There’s sicknesses everywhere,” Nicole said. “I could get a disease today unrelated from the virus.”

Nicole said she wasn’t worried about getting the virus: “If I die, I die. I miss my family.” – READ MORE

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