ICE Pays $352/Day For 199 Days To House 1,239 Illegal Families


In a no-bid contract, ICE will shell out nearly $87 million to shelter, feed, and transport 1,239 illegal immigrant families. I explain why the math is much worse than it sounds.

No Bid Contract for $86,947,271: Here is the Justification for the No-Bid Contract awarded to Family Endeavors Inc. (FEI), a non-profit corporation.

The $352 per day contract covers meals, transportation, language assistance, trauma care, and legal assistance.

In short, the per day contract seems like a bargain, especially given the fact we are discussing cost per family, not per person.

The housing units are located in El Paso, TX; Cotulla TX; and Chandler, AZ.

The lead image is from U.S. to keep migrant families in hotels amid rush for space. – READ MORE

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