ICE deports HS student for suspected MS-13 activity; now the school board might remove all cops from every school campus in the district


Since ICE deported a Long Island, New York, high schooler for suspected MS-13 gang affiliation after a school resource officer got suspicious about the student, Huntington School Board members want to limit what officers on campus can do to students, ProPublica reported.

In fact, board president Jennifer Hebert said she opposes having school resource officers in Huntington’s schools unless a formal agreement can be reached among neighboring districts regarding how the officers are used, the outlet said.

“We need clarity and guidelines, and if we can’t get those, I’m not comfortable having officers in our building going forward,” Herbert said at Monday’s crowded board meeting, according to ProPublica. “And many of these trustees feel similarly.”

Board member Xavier Palacios called for expunging school suspensions from disciplinary records of students reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement by school resource officers, the outlet said.

“We must make a wrong right,” Palacios said, ProPublica reported. “If our district needs to create a new policy to prevent this from happening again, then we must do so.”- READ MORE

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