Ice Cube says he ‘can’t wait’ for Donald Trump to be arrested: ‘That’s what I want to do’


Rapper Ice Cube doubled down on the message of his 2018 track directed at Donald Trump noting that he “can’t wait” to see the president in handcuffs after he gets out of office.

The “Friday” actor appeared Monday on New York’s 105.1 FM’s “The Breakfast Club” talk show, where he was asked about his music career before the conversation turned to his 2018 dis track, “Arrest the President,” in which he called for Trump to be arrested telling authorities they’ve “got the evidence.”

The moment came when one of the hosts asked Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, if he’s still doing music.

“I stay in music. I never leave. I’ve got albums out. I’m touring, I got tour dates coming. I never stop. It’s a part of who I am,” the 50-year-old star said. “I love it and it’s really about just being a b-boy and not nothing else, you know? I don’t care about the industry as much as I used to but I do care about the music, doing it, still staying active. I still got stuff to say. So it’s fun.”

That’s when host Charlamagne Tha God chimed in, incorrectly stating the title to Cube’s track.

“I mean you did ‘Impeach the President’ and they did impeach the president,” he said.

“Yeah, I said: ‘Arrest the ,’” Cube corrected. “They still haven’t gotten to arrest the President. That’s what I want to do.”

“Well, when he gets out that White House, he definitely gonna be in handcuffs,” the host responded.

“Man. I can’t wait to see that, like that Weinstein in those handcuffs, man. That’s a beautiful day.” – READ MORE

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