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ICE Boasts About Arresting Only 101 of 172K (0.05%) Criminal Aliens


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials just arrested 101 illegal aliens, most of them criminals with extensive rap sheets, and you and I are supposed to be over the moon about it.

ICE reported that of those criminals arrested during the 12-day operation last month, 64 had criminal histories in the United States – meaning that Americans and lawfully abiding immigrants had to be put in harm’s way before these people were ever picked up and put in deportation proceedings.

But ICE data published by the Center for Immigration Studies show there are more than 172,000 convicted criminal aliens with final orders of removal still loose in the United States. So based on this data, ICE arrested only about 0.05 percent of the dangerous unlawfully present persons in our communities during this operation, making joyous back flips over this latest string of arrests seem a bit premature. – READ MORE

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