‘HYPOCRITE!’ Mark Zuckerberg slammed by photojournalist who was escorted to Facebook HQ and berated for breaching the CEO’s privacy


A photographer has accused Mark Zuckerberg of ‘extraordinary hypocrisy’ after he was escorted to Facebook headquarters by security guards and accused of breaching the tech giant’s privacy for taking pictures of him cleaning up dog mess on a public street.

Award-winning photo-journalist Nick Stern said he was stunned when he was approached by a security guard in a golf buggy as he sat in his car on a public road – and was made to drive to Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

The 50-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles, said he had traveled to Palo Alto in April, 2011 to profile Zuckerberg when he first became a public figure.

He had taken a few photos of the Facebook chief executive walking in public with his dog and girlfriend Priscilla Chan – some of which were published on DailyMail.com.

The world’s youngest billionaire at the time proved himself to be a responsible dog owner as he whipped out a plastic bag, crouched down and cleaned up his new puppy Beast’s mess near his home.

The security guard followed his car to the parking lot, where he was escorted into the premises and met by two senior Facebook employees who told him he was breaching Zuckerberg’s privacy and must stop taking photos of the billionaire.

Nick, who also works as an artist, says the way the meeting was conducted left him feeling ‘intimidated’ – although no direct threats were made.


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