Hundreds of millions impacted by new Yahoo, AOL, privacy policies that collect emails, texts, photos


Oath, a media division of Verizon that runs AOL and Yahoo, has unified and updated its privacy terms, a move that impacts hundreds of millions of users, CNET reported.

Despite concerns raised by Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, Oath policies allow for extensive data-collecting tactics, CNET noted.

Specifically, the terms state that Oath can read your emails, instant messages, posts, photos and message attachments. That includes information about banking and other financial transactions. Additionally, Oath can share information it collects with Verizon, its parent company.

All of this is done under the guise of improving services and delivering better advertising content to users.

People may be surprised to learn the company can capture data and trace users even when they are not signed into Oath-related accounts.

Privacy terms explain that Oath can “recognize you or your devices even if you are not signed in to our Services.Oath may use device IDs, cookies, and other signals, including information obtained from third parties, to associate accounts and/or devices with you.” – READ MORE

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