Huge Trump flag unfurled over Black Lives Matter mural on NYC street in front of Trump Tower and paraded around city


Supporters of President Donald Trump decided to get together Tuesday in New York City and march around town with what they said is the largest Trump flag ever, the Daily Mail reported.

And because turnabout is fair play, the group unfurled the flag over the infamous Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue directly in front of Trump Tower, the outlet said.

You might recall far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio helped with the BLM paint job in July.

The controversial mural — generally viewed as a slap in Trump’s face — has been vandalized at least four times since then.

So dozens of Trump supporters dressed in Make America Great Again hats and Trump 2020 T-shirts made sure the flag covered the Black Lives Matter mural for several minutes before beginning a march toward Times Square, during which they recited the Pledge of Allegiance, shouted “Four more years!” and trolled left-wing rioters by parroting their “Whose streets? Our streets!” chant, the outlet noted. – READ MORE

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