HuffPost Lists 12 Reasons Why Being A Woman In America Is Hard


“Huffington Post contributor Lorraine Wilke claimed that being a woman in America is really, really tough in her “Deadlocked: Being Female In America” article Saturday.”

“Being a woman in America is a full-time audition” and comes with its “own list of degradations and diminishments, ‘isms’ and marginalizations; mitigating and dismissing factors,” Wilke’s HuffPost piece claims.

“The history of sexism, misogyny, and patriarchal oppression is long and well-documented” Wilke says, and while she admits that changes have occurred, “being a woman in America remains a challenging status, one set on shaky foundation that is daily buffeted by persistent deficits in cultural and political empathy.”

“Being a woman in America means facing everything from those big moments of litigious abuse to the drip-drip-drip of confusing sexism,” Wilke wrote. She listed examples of the challenges that females face: a young actress who attends a callback after a producer put his hand down her pants during an audition because she wants the job, a waitress who sits and has a drink with her male boss to get her paycheck, a writer whose face appears nowhere on her work.

Wilke provides more scenarios, from a woman who is berated on social media by a male who admonishes her posts about pay-parity, to a record producer who tells an older singer, “I bet you were hot in the 80s,” to jeers that Hillary Clinton should “sit down and shut up because she’s a loser and has-been.”

She cites male colleagues interrupting California Sen. Kamala Harris for being “dogged in her questioning,’ middle-aged men regularly sitting in Congress determining laws that impact women’s reproductive decisions, a female TV host getting “insulted and verbally denigrated on tape by a man who boasts about grabbing women’s genitals simply because he can… that man currently resides in the White House,” and, finally, a deadlocked jury on the Bill Cosby trial as evidence of countless more challenges that present themselves to modern women.

Readers will have “their own truths” and “at some point the critical mass of all that cultural evolution will tip society to a place of gender equality and respect,” Wilke wrote. “With a government that’s fair and principled. With men who view women as equals.”

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