HuffPost Admits Defeat: ‘It’s Futile To Fight Patriarchy’


A recent article published at HuffPost argues that fighting the patriarchy is “futile.”

The author, identified only as “Tanishka,” is a an author “of ancient women’s wisdom,” and is best known as the “The Moon Woman,” according to her description on the HuffPost UK website.

The article, titled, “Why It’s Futile To Fight Patriarchy,” opens saying, “This might seem an odd statement coming from a feminist.”

Tanishka adds, “I’m not advocating the other extreme where we do nothing in the face of injustice as passivity engenders helplessness which is equally debilitating.”

“Our challenge is to therefore stop feeling powerless by blaming the enemy outside and instead take our personal power back by addressing the wounded part within us that ascribes to this belief we’ve been conditioned to think is true,” the author adds, “This approach supports our feminine side as it’s motivated by self-love rather than fear or anger.”

She writes about our “Inner Patriarch,” which makes us do things like, “see time as linear and fear death as the end point rather than viewing time as cyclic on the understanding that all energy is eternal but simply changes form,” and tending “to seek knowledge from external authority figures that is evidence-based rather than attuning to your own intuitive guidance & experiential wisdom.”

The author urges readers to take responsibility for their “Inner Patriarch” and “Heal Patriarchy by Supporting Your Feminine Side.”

The article stands alongside other feminist-related posts on HuffPost UK. One thought-provoking piece features 100 men having their penises photographed and writing about it.

Another article is titled, “Men: Don’t Rape Women.”

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