HuffPo: ‘Merry Christmas’ Excludes People, Teach Your Kids ‘Happy Holidays’ Instead


The “War on Christmas” has returned once again this year, and it seems that HuffPo is poised to lead the charge. In the span of just two days, the far-left publication has already skewered a beloved Christmas classic and now lectured parents on why they should teach their children to say the more inclusive “Happy Holidays” greeting in December instead of the age-old classic, “Merry Christmas.”

The article by Doyin Richards begins with a letter from a mother in Texas who claims her son stoked the ire of fellow neighbors when he wished them a “Happy Holidays.”

“My family is Jewish, and we recently moved from Massachusetts to Texas for my husband’s job,” the letter from Chloe in San Antonio reads. “Last week, my 11-year-old son said ‘happy holidays!’ to the mom who lives across the street. According to my son and my husband (who was present), she got visibly upset and replied, ‘Don’t say that to me! We celebrate Christmas here!'”

Obviously, the neighbor responded rudely and should have just said “Thank you” before moving on with their day. Doyin, however, uses the anecdote as a point to say that “Merry Christmas” proponents have a big problem with “inclusion.” He provides a weak analogy to illustrate his point: a restaurant adding more sauces to a menu in order to satisfy minority consumers while the majority enjoys marinara sauce.- READ MORE


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