NFL Hosted Activism Summit with Anthem Kneelers on Tuesday


Roger Goodell entered the NFL from the rougher world of politics. Now he takes football back from where he came.

NFL players and owners meet on Tuesday in New York City to discuss politics and protest.

An initial 10 a.m. meeting features players—including Eric Reid, the San Francisco 49ers safety who knelt alongside former teammate Colin Kaepernick—owners, and union officials discussing how the NFL can lend its weight to the political causes championed by its athletes. A 1 p.m. meeting of owners specifically looks at the national anthem.

The league seeks to “move on,” to use the commissioner’s language, from the pregame sideline protests. But it rules out requiring its players to respect the flag as a condition of employment the way it forbids them from wearing certain brands of clothing at its events, bearing arms on its properties, or even listening to music on certain headphones on its fields. – READ MORE

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