Was the NY Times story about Trump’s desire to fire Mueller purposefully leaked to take heat off the FBI? (VIDEO)


Was the New York Times’ story about President Donald Trump’s desire to fire special counsel Robert Mueller used to distract the public from the doubt building around Mueller’s investigation?

A reporter for the Washington Free Beacon sure thinks so.

“Isn’t it curious that just as the Mueller probe and the entire premise of his investigation is coming under scrutiny…that we have a deliberate leak to change the narrative,” Free Beacon reporter Elizabeth Harrington said on Fox News Friday. “Now the media is in a frenzy, they’re talking about obstruction.”

“Trump didn’t fire anybody. Not firing someone doesn’t sound like obstruction to me,” she added, noting that Strzok’s text messages more closely define obstruction.

Harrington also said she believed the Times’ story was “intentionally leaked by the Mueller team as a distraction.” – READ MORE

President Donald Trump was bombarded with questions about testifying before special counsel Robert Mueller before he left for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer said their reporter, Pamela Brown, had an exchange with Trump over whether he would testify under oath about Russian collusion and obstruction of justice:

Brown: Would you do it under oath, Mr. President?

Trump: You mean like Hillary did it under — who said that?

Brown: I have no idea .

Trump: Wait, wait, wait. Do you not have an idea? You really not have an idea? I’ll give you an idea. She didn’t do it under oath. – READ MORE


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