#MeToo Heroine Kirsten Gillibrand’s Top Donor Is Law Firm Headed by Long-Time Harvey Weinstein Consigliere


New York — Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Has Longstanding Professional And Continuing Financial Ties To Harvey Weinstein’s Long-time Attorney, Close Adviser And Business Investor Who Himself Was Widely Criticized Over Controversial Tactics He Reportedly Deployed To Minimize The Allegations Of Sexual Assault And Harassment Faced By The Hollywood Mogul.

Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, the law firm headed by famed attorney David Boies, has been Gillibrand’s single largest campaign donor throughout her political career and is currently her second-largest donor in the 2018 election cycle, behind her largest benefactor this year by only $1,230.

Boies helped Weinstein settle a sexual harassment claim and reportedly personally signed a contract with a shadowy private investigation company that engaged in efforts to foil the extensive New York Times investigation into the accusations against Weinstein. Those efforts reportedly included an operative going so far as to pose as a women’s rights activist to glean information from one of Weinstein’s accusers. An operative from the firm hired by Boies also reportedly went undercover to meet with reporters in an effort to get the names of female accusers speaking to the news media about Weinstein.

Gillibrand’s continued acceptance of financial support from Boies’s firm comes despite her being one of the most prominent and outspoken supporters of the #MeToo movement. Gillibrand positioned herself as a leading #MeToo advocate in December 2017, when she became the first senator to demand that Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) step down after a photo surfaced that appeared to show then-comedian Franken engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct years before he ran for public office.  She also sent shockwaves across the Democratic political arena when she commented that Bill Clinton should have resigned as president during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. – READ MORE


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