How the Adult Children at ‘BuzzFeed’ Are Coping With Trump: Compare Him to Voldemort

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There are plenty of healthy ways to deal with Donald Trump’s stunning victory.  Even those who cried on election night shouldn’t be senselessly mocked—many Americans put an awful lot of emotional energy into the campaign.  One could argue that investing so much hope into a candidate is better than not.  After all, an apathetic populace doesn’t necessarily make a wholesome republic.

Some liberals, however, have retreated into adolescent fairy tales and are certainly worth your mockery and scorn.  Over at the millennial political science journal Buzzfeed, writers developed the habit of comparing Donald Trump’s election to children’s morality tales.  Just one day after Trump’s big win, Julia Reinstein wrote “People Are Turning to Harry Potter for Comfort after the Election.” – READ MORE

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