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How Taking Mosul From ISIS Could Cause More Terror Attacks Worldwide


The battle to take back Mosul from ISIS began last week, and although victory is by no means certain, the possibility brings up one very important question. What will happen to all of the foreign fighters if ISIS is pushed out of the city?

European and American counterterrorism officials are worried that as ISIS loses territory, foreign fighters will abandon the group and seek to return home to Europe. Meanwhile, some U.S. officials are looking to organize an offensive to retake ISIS’s de facto capital in Raqqa, giving those fighters fleeing Mosul nowhere to regroup. It’s unlikely that coalition forces will be able to capture most of these ISIS fighters, whether Syrian, Iraqi, or foreign-born. This means that fighters from Europe might escape and try to go home.

As the coalition against ISIS moves to deprive the terrorist group of its territory, we must consider the consequences that victory could bring. The tradeoff for defeating ISIS territorially might be a spike in terrorist attacks in the West, at least in the short term. But the return of foreign Islamic State fighters to Europe could have other long-lasting effects on European civilization and the future of Islam in Europe. – READ MORE

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