How Senators Warnock and Ossoff Voted to Hurt Georgia and Help New York and California


Georgia voters who helped turn this state blue, for now, should feel cheated. President Biden came to campaign for Democrat Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the runoff elections. Biden told you to vote for these men in his stump speech if you wanted $2000 stimulus checks. How is that going for those of you who believed it? Now the stimulus checks are $1400 and get smaller at higher incomes until they disappear.

Not only did Biden not keep the campaign pledge he made for your new senators, but they also made it possible for him to sign a bill that will punish Georgia. The stimulus bill uses a new formula to provide money to the states. In previous bipartisan COVID bills passed by Congress, these funds were distributed based on population, according to Rep. Buddy Carter’s (R-Ga.) office. On page 287 of the House bill, the formula changed.

The change now allocates a large portion of the funding to be based on “the average estimated number of seasonally-adjusted unemployed individuals.” Carter took to Twitter to explain how this change will affect Georgia before the Senate passed the bill with a purely partisan vote in the Senate:

As Carter notes, Georgia and other states that stayed open are losing the most in federal funds under the new calculation voted for by Warnock and Ossoff. They are essentially helping to punish governors like Brian Kemp and Ron DeSantis for not keeping their citizens unemployed and wrecking their economies. According to an analysis by Republican members of the House Budget Committee, the states losing the most money under the new calculation are Georgia, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, and Alabama. Georgia loses the most at over $1 billion.- READ MORE

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