How Does The Mainstream Media Keep Coming Up With Such Stupid Stories To Cover?!


Somehow, America’s mainstream media keep finding the dumbest things to cover. While President Trump has been busy of late making some incredible news — on Iran, on North Korea, on China — the MSM has decided to focus on some really stupid and pointless topics.

It can’t be easy. The world is blasting away at a million miles an hour, so to sift through all the consequential happenings each day to get to the silly and absurd takes real effort. And yet the MSM is more than up to the task — every minute of every hour.

Take CNN right now, at this minute. The top story on its webpage is “Doctor: Trump wrote his own glowing health letter.” Inside the piece, CNN touts the piece as “EXCLUSIVE.” Dr. Harold Bornstein, a wacky dude who looks like a hippy with his long gray hair and round John Lennon glasses, claims Trump dictated a 2015 letter touting his health. Sure, the story also says Bornstein once asserted that he wrote the letter, but now he says he didn’t (hey, one of those is a lie, so let’s just go with whatever we want, CNN must be thinking).

It gets dumber. Under that piece is this: “Analysis: 4 reasons why Trump faking a doctor’s note matters.” Yes, CNN broke off one of its highly-skilled “journalists” to tell us why a claim from a former Trump doctor really matters, you know, to you, Mr. or Mrs. America.

Meanwhile, over at the vaunted New York Times, another “journalist” has penned this important piece: “‘We’ll See,’ Trump Says on North Korea. And Iran. And Nafta. And So On.” Yes, Trump often says we’ll have to wait to see how things play out. Huge story. – READ MORE

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