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How Black Lives Matter-Style Activism Is Ruining America


When the Ferguson riots broke out in 2014, the nation was shocked and alarmed. The press gave the event wall-to-wall coverage for a week. For young people this was fairly new territory, while older people had flashbacks to the Los Angeles riots of 1992, or even (if they were old enough) the Watts riots of 1965. These were alarming connections. Weren’t we past all this stuff?

The Baltimore riots in 2015 were a bit less shocking. This was a movie we’d all just seen. By the time we got to Charlotte, the element of surprise had been completely lost. Deadly race riots are starting to take on the banality of “same old, same old.” I’ve actually started looking forward to winter as a less riot-friendly season. It’s pretty depressing that we’ve reached the point where that line of thought makes sense. – READ MORE

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