Houston police uncover ‘disturbing’ human smuggling case with more than 90 people trapped in home


Houston police uncovered dozens of people trapped in a home on Chessington Drive after responding to a reported kidnapping call, authorities said Friday.

Police said they received tips Thursday that prompted an all-night investigation that eventually led investigators to the home on Friday.

“When we got into the house we realized that there were over 90 people inside,” Assistant Chief Daryn Edwards told reporters.

The department’s SWAT team entered a house at 12210 Chessington Drive and the kidnapping investigation soon became a “disturbing” human smuggling case, Edwards said.

Property records show the address contains a 2,319-square-foot home with five bedrooms and two baths. Neighbors told police they were unaware that so many people were inside. It was being rented to a single man.

Multiple people inside reported possible coronavirus symptoms including fevers and loss of sense of smell.

“We are concerned that there may be some positive COVID cases inside the house,” Edwards said.- READ MORE

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