House Passes Articles of Impeachment Against Trump, Setting up Stage for Trial in the Senate


Members of the House of Representatives cast their votes and passed on Wednesday two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

The impeachment articles charge Trump with abusing his office and obstructing Congress.

Voting largely along party lines, 229 Democrats voted for the article of abuse of power while 195 Republicans voted against it. Two Democrats joined in opposition to it as well, and one Independent voted in support of it.

After announcing the passage of the first article, it drew a few claps from lawmakers, resulting in Pelosi sternly gesturing the group not to.

As for the article that accuses Trump of obstruction of Congress, 228 Democrats voted in favor while 195 Republicans voted “nay.” They were joined by three Democrats against the article. One Independent voted in favor of the second article.

The impeachment probe was sparked in late September after a whistleblower’s complaint on Trump’s previous phone call with the Ukrainian president to dig up information on policial rival Joe Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter, allegedly withholding military aide in the process. – read more

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