House Oversight Dem threatens jail for Trump officials who don’t comply with subpoenas


Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), a member of the House Oversight Committee, on Thursday warned that the investigative body “will use any and all power in our command” – including incarceration – should White House officials refuse to comply with congressional subpoenas to testify as the panel ramps up its wide-ranging investigation into the Trump administration.

“We’re going to resist, and if a subpoena is issued and you’re told you must testify, we will back that up,” Connolly said during an interview with CNN host Wolf Blitzer on the on “The Situation Room.”

“And we will use any and all power in our command to make sure it’s backed up — whether that’s a contempt citation, whether that’s going to court and getting that citation enforced, whether it’s fines, whether it’s possible incarceration,” he continued. “We will go to the max to enforce the constitutional role of the legislative branch of government.”


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