House Dems believe they have enough votes to pass articles of impeachment, senior member says


House Democrats believe they have the 217 votes needed to pass articles of impeachment against President Trump stemming from his Ukraine call — enough votes to impeach Trump and send articles to the Senate — even before their planned hearings or formal investigation.

A senior member of the House Democratic Caucus told Fox News on Sunday it’s unlikely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will give in to the president’s demand for an “inquiry vote.”

The source said that while leadership hasn’t officially whipped or nose-counted a vote to “impeach,” they believed the numbers were there based on the 227 votes already on record for an inquiry and were working under that assumption.

When asked what could stop the process, the source said it was unclear but the caucus couldn’t rule out the idea of “cold feet” among some Democrats,


The House currently has 433 members: 235 Democrats, 197 Republicans and one Independent. A bill must be passed by a simple majority, requiring at least 217 votes.

Even if 18 Democrats vote against the articles, the majority party could still have enough votes to pass impeachment. – READ MORE

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