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Hot Take: Transgender People Don’t Belong In The Military


President Trump made some major news Wednesday morning when he announced that he was banning transgender people from the armed forces.

He fired off three tweets announcing the news to the world.

Some people, particularly social justice warriors and people living in a fantasy world, don’t want to embrace Trump’s policy, but the reality of the situation is the president made the right call.

Some would argue that banning transgenders from the military is the same as have segregated units. This is a lazy argument and should be quickly disregarded. Comparing transgender people to minorities is downright ridiculous.

The United States military’s job is to be the most lethal force the world has ever seen. It is meant to fight, kill and defeat any enemy that might be stupid enough to cross America. So, the question is very simple. Do the actions of the few transgender people in the military out-weigh the distraction it’ll bring? The obvious answer is absolutely not.

If our military’s readiness is delayed by a fraction of a second because military member’s are uncomfortable with transgender people, then it’s not worth it. Only a few days ago the Army was telling women to prepare to shower with “women” who had penises. If war broke out with Russia tomorrow, would we be better off because our female soldiers, Marines and sailors were having to mentally prepare to shower with “women” who had male genitals? I think the answer is an obvious no.

Call me stupid, but I trust the opinion of Secretary of Defense Mattis more than I trust the opinion of a hack on Twitter who is complaining about this decision.

I’m also not going to weigh in on whether or not being transgender is a mental illness. There are already plenty of people discussing that.

All I have to say is that I couldn’t be happier with this choice. The military exists to defend this country, help our allies and kill any sorry son of a gun that desperately wants to head over to the afterlife. It doesn’t exist to push social narratives or test out experiments.

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