Honest Journalism On Climate Change Flirts With NYT, Gets Rejected


After reporting on its uncertainty, The New York Times published a report Monday declaring as “fact” the role of global warming in transforming recent hurricanes into “superstorms.”

“[T]he fact that oceans and atmosphere are warming and that the heat is propelling storms into superstorms has become as sensitive as talking about gun control in the wake of a mass shooting” writes Lisa Friedman, reporter at the climate desk for The Times. “For scientists, drawing links between warming global temperatures and the ferocity of hurricanes is about as controversial as talking about geology after an earthquake”

Two destructive hurricanes – Harvey and Irma – produced two contradictory reports from The New York Times. One declared with utmost certainly that an increase in global temperatures is to blame for the severity of the storms. The other, was shockingly even-handed in its assertion that climate change could make storms worse, but there is little data to prove it.

“As to whether climate has somehow made this year worse, the links between climate change and hurricane activity are complex and there are still many uncertainties” reports Harvey Fountain, the climate change reporter for The Times. “Part of the problem, scientists say, is that there are just not that many storms.”  – READ MORE

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