Home State Paper: PLEASE Take A Genetic Test To Prove You’re Native American, Elizabeth Warren


A Massachusetts paper is urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to finally put criticism over her claim of Native American heritage at rest by taking a simple 23&Me-type genetic test.

The Berkshire Eagle, which is by no means a conservative publication, suggested Tuesday that the Massachusetts senator who claimed Native ancestry and enjoyed the spoils of an affirmative action position at Harvard University, would put the controversy over her heritage to rest, and neutralize those who might call her “Fauxcahontas” (or, in the case of the president, who missed the joke, “Pocahontas”), if she’d simply submit to the $100 boxed test.

“No matter whether the test came up negative or positive, it would constitute a plus for Senator Warren and her political hopes,” the paper’s editorial board claimed. “Were she to test positive for Native American DNA, it would permanently resolve the issue — while possibly shutting down President Trump.”

“Should the test come up negative, it would be an opportunity for the senator to perform an act rarely seen among politicians: an admission of her error and a full-throated apology to Native American tribes and anyone else offended by her spurious claim,” they continued. – READ MORE

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