Hollywood Actress Admits at Airport She is Cory Booker’s Girl — Hopefully Booker Wasn’t Busy in the Men’s Room


This is beyond bizarre. Single men do not run for the White House, so the timing here seems just like everything else Cory Booker does — scripted and hollow.

And concocted.

This actress was at the Reagan National Airport in D.C. Thursday when our guy quizzed her on what’s been widely rumored — she’s the woman Booker referred to last month on the Breakfast Club when he said he was dating someone very special, while adding, “I got a boo.”

Rosario Dawson.

It didn’t take much prodding before Dawson said it was true and began gushing over her man, calling him an amazing human being and saying their relationship is a wonderful thing.

Speaking of that … Rosario says Cory would be an amazing Prez, and she’s pushing him with a campaign button. READ MORE:

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