Hillary’s Health no Longer just a ‘Conspiracy Theory’


Hillary Clinton attended the 9/11 tributes and remembrances Sunday morning in New York City. Donald Trump was there too along with thousands of 9/11 family members, memorializing the fallen and showing American fortitude 15 years after that tragic day.

For Mrs. Clinton, it was a difficult morning. She stumbled and nearly fell as she attempted to get into her waiting van. She was literally held up and dragged into the van. Her press pool was kept away meaning the only video evidence of her collapse was from a few bystanders. Media reports described it as a “medical episode.”

Clinton’s campaign staff attributed the episode to Mrs. Clinton feeling “overheated.” It could be due to overheating if it was a hot day. But was it?

The temperature in New York City Sunday morning was a comfortable 80 degrees, hardly a NYC summer scorcher. The forecast was for cooler temperatures than the day before. Were there reports of other memorial attendees suffering a similar fainting spell? – READ MORE

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