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Hillary Spills Top Secret Intelligence During Paid Speech to Goldman Sachs


The recently WikiLeaks dump of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s personal emails exposed the “missing” transcripts of the former Secretary of State’s speeches to Wall Street and suggest that she may have violated laws pertaining to confidential information by spilling the beans about state secrets to the nation’s top banks.

Repeating a common refrain from her campaign and the public record, Clinton told the crowd that “I was in the small group that recommended to the President that he go after bin Laden.” It was then that Clinton’s narrative switched up from what was previously known by the public regarding the effort to bring the infamous terrorist mastermind to justice with many in the US public led for years to believe that the United States received a tip by somebody who stopped by at the embassy — but the root of the intelligence that captured Bin Laden was a wiretap. – READ MORE

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