Hillary: I’m Very ‘Worried’ About Trump’s ‘Untrue Attacks,’ Trafficking ‘In All Kinds of Conspiracies’ (VIDEO)


Wednesday on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, former secretary of state and first lady Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, said she was “very much worried by the actions and rhetoric” of President Donald Trump.

Partial transcript as follows:

CLINTON: (laughing) You know, look, I don’t have any personal stake in this presidency. I have a citizen’s stake. I have a concerned person’s stake. And I am, as you might guess, very much worried by the actions and rhetoric of our current president. And so I was cordial with him before we ran against each other. He supported me when I ran for the Senate in New York. And then he began to traffic in all kinds of conspiracies like the birther conspiracy, and you know, then making all kinds of outrageous and untrue attacks on immigrants and others, and really being an equal opportunity insulter. I really did hope, and as I said in my concession speech, which I talk about in the book, I said we all need to give him a chance. And we all need to support our president. We have one president at a time. And I’ve been very disappointed in the way that he has conducted himself.


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