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Hillary for Prison: Jason Chaffetz Promises to Continue and Expand His Investigation into Her Email Scandal


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Trump ran on the promise to ‘lock her up,’ regarding Hillary’s activities with her insecure email server and subsequent activities in destroying evidence that might’ve paved the way for her landing on her head in prison. No one could say for sure, since upwards of 30,000 emails were destroyed by the Clinton camp — in a feverish ploy to evade investigation.

Rep. Chaffetz, along with Trey Gowdy, have been leading the way in Congress in pursuit of the truth, regarding the Clinton email scandal. Many on the left have lobbied for Trump to ‘let go’ of the Hillary investigation in order to ‘heal the country’ after a bitter and tumultuous campaign. However, nothing has been graceful about Hillary since her loss and it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Trump, along with incoming AG Sessions, decided to pursue a case against her with energetic fervor — draining the swamp of those implicated in the biggest political corruption cabal since Tammany Hall circa mid 19th century. – READ MORE

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