Hillary Clinton Gives ‘Beauty Advice’ To Readers Of Teen Vogue And It’s . . . Weird


The Hillary Clinton-edited Hillary Clinton-worshipping edition of Teen Vogue is on news-stands now, and if you’re able to avoid giving in to your nausea for long enough to flip through all of the odes to Hillary, you’ll get to the part where Hillary doles out fashion and beauty advice.

Yep, that’s right: the pantsuit’s most prominent fan commissioned Teen Vogue’s beauty editors to write entire essays on “how to dress like Hillary Clinton” fashion icon. Unsurprisingly the pantsuit features prominently, as does a signature look that, ironically, screams Hillary Clinton but not in a way she’d prefer.

Her “beauty advice” is easily as hilarious. Her secret to “perfect skin?” A cream that is completely unavailable to the common man because the company that makes it makes it only for Hillary Clinton.


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