Hillary Clinton: ‘I Get Overwhelmed At Least A Dozen Times A Day’ Over Trump Presidency


Nearly 15 months after losing the election almost all political pundits believed she would win, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton remains outspoken about the state of politics under the man who won.

In a speech this week at the Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and Security, the former secretary of state promised to remain an active voice on issues including women’s rights despite the emotional toll she claimed the current climate continues to take on her.

As the Washington Examiner reported, she told the audience that she gets “overwhelmed at least a dozen times a day” when considering the state of political discourse.

While she did not mention Trump — or even politics — directly, her words were interpreted by the Washington Post and others as a thinly veiled commentary on the current administration. – READ MORE

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During a human rights event at Georgetown University, Hillary Clinton brought up her loss to President Donald Trump and blamed it on sexism and misogyny.


Clinton, who is the honorary founding chair of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security, awarded several women with Human Rights Awards on Monday. During the event, a moderator asked Clinton how to deal with the “backlash” against the women’s rights movement.

Clinton suggested that people lash out against feminism because they are “insecure” or “frightened.”

“I see it as a reaction that is driven by lots of different motives, some of them having to do with people feeling insecure, frightened, disillusioned, discouraged, or whatever emotion you want,” she said. “When people are insecure and anxious they often defend against their own feelings by rejecting others.”- READ MORE

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Approximately 99.9% of Trevor Noah’s time on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” is spent trashing conservatives and praising progressives, so it came as quite the shocker on Monday when he hammered Hillary Clinton over her alleged treatment of a female staffer who complained of sexual harassment during the 2008 campaign:

Hillary’s Grammy cameo came at a weird moment for her because last night’s theme was “Me Too, Time’s Up,” which is a message Hillary found herself on the wrong side of over the weekend.

Noah then played multiple clips regarding allegations that during her 2008 run for president, Hillary Clinton kept “faith advisor” Burns Strider on the campaign after he allegedly sexually harassed a female staffer and was recommended for termination by then-manager Patti Solis Doyle. – READ MORE

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