Hillary Clinton gears up to influence midterms — whether Dems like it or not


Hillary Clinton has ramped up her efforts to influence the Democratic Party and its voters in upcoming midterm elections, a move that some say only hands ammunition to Republican candidates.

Many thought Clinton’s 2016 presidential election defeat — which followed a failed 2008 primary campaign — would end her political life. But the subsequent tour for the book “What Happened” has helped keep the former U.S. secretary of state visible despite her devastating loss to Donald Trump.

On Monday, Clinton activated her political machine, attending a gathering of nearly a dozen progressive groups supported by Onward Together, the post-election political organization she founded that’s aimed at “advancing the progressive vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.”

“I don’t want to see us go backwards,” Clinton told Bustle. “But organized interests fueled by ideology and huge amounts of money are trying to take us backwards. So I feel as strongly today as I ever have that we all have to stand up and defend our country, and most importantly, our democracy.”

The Clinton family also plans to restart fundraising efforts for the Clinton Foundation, which is being investigated for “pay to play” politics while Clinton headed the State Department (2009-13), inviting people to a benefit event on May 24 in New York, according to Axios. The price for attending ranges from $2,500 for a cocktail party and dinner – up to $100,000 for a special reception. – READ MORE

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