Hillary Clinton Criticizes Facebook for Not Being Anti-Trump Enough


Facebook, which has banned numerous conservative personalities and placed others on “hate agent” watchlists has repeatedly come under fire from Hillary Clinton — for not being anti-Trump enough.

At an event at the University of Michigan, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she was “very worried” about “foreign interference with the election,” and attacked Facebook for allowing “a stream of outrageous stories fed to people’s Facebook feeds.”

Despite the mountain of evidence of Silicon Valley’s anti-conservative bias, including search results rigged to suppress conservative content, Clinton demanded more from big tech companies.

“I’m also really disappointed in a lot of the tech companies and I’ll mention Facebook because they’re the most influential,” said the former candidate.

Clinton made similar comments in a speech at George Washington University last month, complaining that the Trump Campaign is “spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook each week.” – READ MORE

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