Hillary Clinton Aide: ‘I Really Don’t Give a Shit About What Happens to Huma’

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Hillary Clinton’s political career is probably over, and some people are wondering what will become of her most trusted body woman, Huma Abdein.

Huma, the estranged wife of Anthony Weiner, a notorious dick-pic fiend who recently received treatment for sex addiction, has worked for Hillary since 1996, when she served as a White House intern in the First Lady’s office. Abedin was widely expected to serve a top role in Hillary’s administration, but now she’s looking for a job.

Vanity Fair reports that some people in Clinton World aren’t too concerned about Abedin’s future. “Maybe I’m just pissed off, but I really don’t give a shit about what happens to Huma to be honest with you,” one close adviser told the magazine. – READ MORE

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