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Hillary Campaign Bus Empties Crapper in Busy Street; Supporters Applaud Her Bold Move to Rid Government Waste


Who ever said Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a crap.

On Tuesday she did.

A Clinton “Forward Together” campaign bus was busted dumping human waste onto a busy city street and down into a storm drain in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Talk about a crappy campaign.

When police arrived on the scene, the street was littered with toilet paper and human waste, police said. The county Hazard Material Team and the Georgia Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the incident as well. Authorities said the storm drain flows into a number of fresh water sources employed by the city.

The incident could simply be an accident or a bold new campaign strategy by Clinton to highlight her accomplishments in public office of dumping foul-smelling policies on the U.S and world for decades before leaving the scene for others to mop up.

The DNC said the bus, emblazoned with Clinton’s and VP candidate Tim Kaine’s faces on the side and her 2016 campaign logos, is not a Clinton campaign bus. What a load of sh*t.



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