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Hill Force One Grounded: After 9/11 Collapse, Hillary Clinton Cancels Ellen DeGeneres Show


BREAKING NEWS: After her health debacle and breakdown at Ground Zero in Manhattan Sunday, Hillary Clinton and her handlers have cancelled her highly lauded appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show Wednesday.

Clinton, along with her newly minted press plane dubbed Hill Force One and embossed with “Stronger Together” on its side, will both be essentially grounded, due to Clinton’s alarming medical breakdown Sunday which played out in front of national audience via amateur videos that went viral on social media.

Clinton was scheduled to fly to California this morning for two days of private Hollywood fundraising before her much-anticipated appearance on the popular talk show. Doctors and specialists, however, have grounded Clinton for the foreseeable future while Clinton recovers, according to information leaked from the campaign to True Pundit. This comes as a triple blow to the frail presidential candidate: losing the fundraising proceeds and key TV appearance on top of the nightmare optics she created for her campaign by collapsing on the sidewalk near Ground Zero Sunday morning, after months of reassuring the public she is the very definition of good health..

Following Sunday’s events, Clinton’s handlers first reported she suffered from heat exhaustion, yet none of her symptoms were consistent with the ailment based on video footage before her collapse. The campaign then altered her medical event to suffering from a bout of pneumonia, which she allegedly was diagnosed with on Friday although it was not previously divulged.

This also comes a really bad news for the pets the press covering Clinton which spent last week ignoring her host of illnesses while taking selfies aboard Clinton’s newly unveiled press plane and glad-handing with the candidate during flights instead of asking serious questions or reporting on the true state of the candidate’s declining health.

Somewhere in a grocery store near Ellen’s studio is a pickle jar that has just been spared being handled by Clinton.


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