Higher tuition, shorter days: What schools could look like when they reopen


School dropoff is going to look very different when schools finally reopen.

For children attending Big City Montessori School, their parents will no longer be allowed in the building and they’ll have to switch into school-only shoes upon entering. They’ll also have a school-only coat.

For parents, they’ll have to sign a contract prior to sending their child back to school, acknowledging the risks of the virus and committing to following whatever social distancing practices are required outside of school. Then, each day they’ll be asked four questions about the child’s health, including whether or not they’ve taken their temperature that day.

And those parents will be paying 30% higher tuition than they were in March when the school shut down.

All schools are currently closed for regular classroom instruction; however, child care has been allowed with conditions throughout the pandemic. As California moves into Phase 2 of its reopening plan, schools reopening will be decided on a county-by-county basis through an attestation process, in which they certify the spread of COVID-19 is under control locally.

When the shelter in place order went into effect, owner Amanda Riccetti knew she had a pretty short runway to stay afloat. After appealing to parents to continue paying tuition even though their kids couldn’t attend the school, she estimates that about 75% of parents paid in April and 60% paid in May, and that ensured Riccetti wouldn’t have to furlough any employees. – READ MORE

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