‘HE’S VERY CONCERNED’: Valerie Jarrett expects Obama to play in 2020 election


Democrats can count on former president Barack Obama to again break with tradition to attack his successor during the 2020 election, much like he did during the 2018 midterms.

“I can tell you he’s very concerned about the direction that our country is going. He was involved in the midterm elections, my expectation is he would do the same in the general election,” Valerie Jarrett, close friend and former advisor of president Obama, told BBC HARDtalk’s Stephen Sakur.

“I think all of us good Democrats need to get behind whoever is the nominee and ensure that that person wins the election, which is why I’ve counseled several of the candidates to not beat up so much on their opponents that whoever is the nominee goes into the general election in a weakened state.”

Jarrett described the dozens of Democrats vying to take on Trump is an “embarrassment of riches,” but repeatedly refused to endorse any of the “terrific candidates.” – READ MORE

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