Here’s The Video ‘Wherein Obama Dismisses The Value Of Every Political Figure He’s Dealt With In The Entire World In 1:19’


On the heels of launching efforts to save a veteran who said he wanted to kill himself, James Woods — whose Twitter feed has become one of the more popular conservative follows — offered his fans a reminder of the self-proclaimed superiority of the president whose legacy has been all but eliminated within the first two years of Trump’s presidency.

“Wherein #Obama dismisses the value of every political figure he’s dealt with in the entire world in one minute and nineteen seconds. Amazing therefore that the ‘world’s smartest man’ accomplished absolutely nothing in eight of the longest years in history,” wrote Woods, in a tweet noted by Twitchy.

The video highlighted by Woods is a clip from Obama’s conversation with author Dave Eggers at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago Tuesday, which includes the following truly “amazing” remarks by the former hopeful community organizer-turned-disappointed commander in chief – READ MORE

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