Here’s News for Both Bernie and AOC: Only 10 Percent of Americans Want Socialism


Between the Green New Deal from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D.N.Y.) and Medicare for Allfrom Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), we hear a lot about the supposed newfound popularity of socialism in the United States today.

But a new poll released Monday shows that only a very small minority of Americans favor such a system.

A Monmouth University poll titled “SOCIALISM vs. CAPITALISM” showed that only 10 percent of Americans view socialism favorably.

Just as interesting, 57 percent of Americans said they believed socialism was incompatible with American values, with only 29 believing the opposite.

As the Monmouth poll notes, “Taken together, Americans divide into two dominant camps — 29 percent who have a positive view of capitalism and a negative view of socialism and 30 percent who have neutral opinions of both capitalism and socialism. The remaining 4-in-10 Americans hold a range of mixed views on the two economic systems.” – READ MORE

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