Heavyweight pharmaceutical company sponsor bails from Ingraham show


More and piling on. The mob mentality.

The count of corporations pulling their advertising from “The Ingraham Angle” is now up to 16, after Bayer AG announced in a Twitter post Saturday that they have “stopped advertising on Laura Ingraham and we have no plans to resume any time in the future.”

The announcement came in response to a Twitter post by Jon Cooper, Chairman of the Democratic Coalition, former Finance Chair of Draft for Joe Biden, and a campaign chair for former President Obama.

Cooper has jumped on the bandwagon with Parkland student activist David Hogg, calling for people to put pressure on companies to drop Ingraham’s show. He tweeted on Friday, “With @LibertyMutual’s wise decision to stop running ads on @IngrahamAngle’s Fox News show, here’s a list of her remaining top advertisers. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO, #Resistance!”


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