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    Headline at Deceptive NY Times Story Ties Trump(!) to Dems’ IT Scandal


    The first news reports of House IT staffer Imran Awan’s Monday arrest “for attempting to flee the country and (being) charged with bank fraud” came out on Fox on Monday night. The New York Times did not file a related story until Friday afternoon, roughly 72 hours later, for Saturday’s print edition.

    Reporter Nicholas Fandos’s Page A18 item is one of the most obvious and disgraceful attempts at misdirection and reality avoidance one will ever see, starting with its headline, which, incredibly, makes it appear as if this scandal, which the Democratic Party entirely owns, involves President Donald Trump.

    Any reader who was previously unaware of this scandal would surely believe, based on this headline, that it’s Republicans who have a problem, and that the I.T. person formerly worked for the Trump administration.

    That the Times deliberately composed this headline to deceive isn’t arguable. The paper knows that this story is about Democrats, and the story’s URL, which reflects a headline used earlier Friday — “imran-awan-debbie-wasserman-shultz-pakistan.html” (nice touch there, misspelling the congresswoman’s name) — proves that a previous genuinely informative headline was suppressed.


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