He Promised To Cut ‘Job-Killing’ Regulations. So Far He’s Outpacing Reagan.


On the campaign trail, Donald Trump made a lot of promises, and while some of them, like the Big, Beautiful Wall, have thus far proven elusive, he’s managed to keep several that aren’t getting much airtime in the unprecedentedly negative coverage of him. One thing he’s doing quite well at following through on is his promise to get the government out of the way of businesses. In fact, he’s doing it better than any president going back to Jimmy Carter — and, yes, that includes Ronald Reagan.

Peter Boyer at The Weekly Standard provides an analysis of just how well Trump is doing on slashing “job-killing red tape all across our economy,” as Trump put it in a speech a few weeks ago. “We have stopped or eliminated more regulations in the last eight months than any president has done during an entire term. It’s not even close,” said Trump — and as Boyer highlights, the president appears to have that fact about right.

The Mercatus Center’s Patrick McLaughlin, Boyer explains, studied the the total “output of regulatory restrictions promulgated in the last several presidencies, going back to Jimmy Carter,” and found that Trump had managed to make the net increase of regulatory restrictions “zero.” No other president managed to get through their full term without raising the number of regulatory restrictions, including Reagan.

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