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Hate Crimes And Bigotry Of The Left


The abject bigotry on public display across our fair land since the election should be alarming to all sentient and cognitively functional Americans. The level of hatred directed not just toward President-elect Donald Trump but against his supporters and even those who merely voted for him has been elevated to little less than an ideological pogrom born of hate and bigotry against those who may be different.

What they obviously fail to realize is that they’re perpetrating something they so vehemently denounce against others who may be a little different — hate crimes.

Those who have taken to the streets to protest the election results, and loot and riot, and assault others, are ironically of the same ideological alignment as those who feigned such disapprobation at Trump’s assertions that the elections were rigged, and that he may or may not accept their results. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the results of an apparently clean election are being protested by these leftists, throwing what amounts to be prepubescent tantrums over the results. It’s probably safe to say that these poor souls have had their “safe spaces” violated. And thanks to the backing of George Soros’, the protests are well funded and orchestrated. – READ MORE

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