Harvey Weinstein Lookalike Stabbed To Death In New Music Video


You wouldn’t know it from the news, but Harvey Weinstein is still alive. After a slew of women accused him from everything to inappropriate touching to rape, he disappeared to some sort of rehab center in Arizona, but he’s still very much alive.

But not so in a new music video by rock band TENLo for their new song, “Kill All The Things” (“All Things” apparently includes Weinstein).

The video features a guy who looks like Weinstein snorting cocaine off a bathroom sink, then doing shots at a bar. A pretty woman (actress Kelly Cunningham plays what TMZ.com calls a “vengeful nun”) approaches from behind, reaches her arms around him, and the two walk off. She takes the inebriated man back to her room, pushes him onto the bed and then . . . stabs him to death, blood splattering everywhere. – READ MORE

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