Halloween costume crackdown: Schools ban creepy clown, culturally insensitive outfits


It’s that time of the year again, when the leaves turn, the air becomes crisp and Americans of all ages don masks and costumes to hit the streets in search of sweets, shindigs and maybe a bit of mischief.

But as the U.S. gears up for Halloween, young people are finding that their outfit choices are becoming increasingly limited as institutions from grade schools to major universities clamp down on controversial costumes.

From creepy clowns to Caitlyn Jenner outfits, schools across the country have in recent years issued everything from warnings to bans on costumes that could be construed as inappropriate, publicly incorrect or culturally insensitive.

“This obnoxious undertaking of public shaming is perpetrated by a temperamental culture who engages in it simply to avoid looking at its own inconsistency and ugliness for one more day,” comedian Jim Norton wrote in an opinion piece for Time. “True tolerance would be encouraging people to dress up on Halloween however they wish and if they make fools out of themselves, they would hopefully learn from the embarrassment.” – READ MORE

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