Gretchen Whitmer to Michigan Residents: ‘Google How to Do a Haircut’ (VIDEO)


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) dismissed growing impatience with her economic lockdown orders Monday and recommended residents take to the Internet to learn how to cut their own hair.

Whitmer is easing some restrictions in the coming weeks, but has not budged on allowing barber shops and hair salons to legally reopen.

“Like me, you need a haircut desperately? A couple more weeks of this and we may be back in a place where we’re able to do that safely,” she said.

“It’s still going to require strict protocols. It’s still going to require every one of us keeping our guard up and doing the right thing,” she continued, saying she hopes to take more steps before July.

“But we’ve got to follow the data. And so if you’re one of those people that’s going to Ohio, I hope, I pray,” she said, holding up a mask, “that you’re doing your part not to bring COVID-19 home.”

For those who have not traveled, she said, “Google how to do a haircut or throw your hair in a ponytail or curl it and get through the next couple of weeks so we can resume some of these things.” – READ MORE

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